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No way to enter code stated on new LG smart TV

Respected Sir/Mam,

My Name is Nordic Dave, I have got issue on LG TV while setting up Netflix and Amazon TV prime. Just setting up a new LG TV at my home.  Already accessed with Netflix and Amazon. Accessing Netflix was a breeze.  Amazon TV a frustrating hot mess.

The main issue arise which was. The Amazon Prime Video app on the TV said I needed to go to and type in a code. There is NO PLACE to enter this code.  I see the Amazon FireStick previously registered on one set, but no way to register a new Device. So, Kindly look this issue and help me to resolved I have already logged my complaint on “amazonforum” so help me to resolved it as soon as possible.

As per my suggestion comes into my mind which I did. What I have done on my TV for and Netflix connection.

I had restart my setup box. I did browser which was I using is in desktop view,  clearing their cache, if necessary,  or even trying a different browser. As with all websites, works differently from browser to browser and I thought won’t have full features if in mobile view. (Also, sometimes the spelling makes a difference  – don’t capitalize the “a” in I thought. But It’s very strange, not understandable. After all none of the above makes any difference into I have tried the recommended procedure again and again the next day of registering the device on and this time the form appeared to enter the code from the Amazon app on the TV. So What happened today same appeared not resolved. Kindly Help me in this strange case sir or mam.

Please help me Sir/Mam.

Looks likes many others are having this issue too.

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