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Who’s Calling You from 855-427-1652?

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Who’s Calling You from 855-427-1652?

If you have been getting random, unknown calls from 855-427-1652 (or 8554271652), and want to know who’s behind it? Read on below till the end.

According to most of the comments and feedback, it belongs to the DISCOVER MAGAZI, whose owner lives in the U.S.

Latest Comments

I received a charge on my credit card that I never authorized. It was only a very small amount ($3.15), but to think they had my credit card number was enough for me to cancel that card.

By Kai

What a rip-off. I did not sign up for an automatic renewal of Guideposts but it was charged at an elevated price of $29.00 on my credit card. I called the number and a recording …

By Kinley

1/8/2019 It is still happening! I just got stuck with a partial refund from TME at 855-427-1652. Reported quickly to Capital One and they now have blocked this “Office” from further charges and gave me the rest of refund! BEWARE
By Willow

I did not receive a call, but this number showed up in a $28 charge to my checking account. I have no idea what this is for and have to call my bank as soon as it opens this morning.
By Greyson

My account got charged $50.00 for a supposed subscription to Low Rider Magazine! I talked to their automated service which said they’d refund the money, but of course…the money has not been returned to my card.
By Peter

Recent Comments

Me Too, I just noticed a $27 charge made on Oct 13, 2016, on My discover card with this number on it. I think it’s for My subscription to Guitar World magazine which still had 21 months left on it. I didn’t authorize it, saw no invoice for it and received no email confirmation on it.
By Tucker

Charged $36 for the renewal of a magazine. Called the number – automated voice. Could cancel without giving credit card #, as they already have it. There was an option to cancel so we’ll see what happens.
By Elliot

I received a $15.50 charge on my credit card.  This is from some magazine subscription company.  I never spoke to them and never authorized this charge.  This is a scam.  I reported it to my credit card company.
By Alina

I did not receive a call from them but just had a charge come through on my credit card for $45 from TME*855-427-1652.  I did not order any magazines.
By Erik

You should dispute the charge immediately.  You have a limited amount of time to dispute before you cannot get your money back, and they know that so they will try to delay you from doing it.  Who pays that kind of money for an ad-filled rag anyway?
By Karen

Thank you! I called the number you provided and it all worked out just the way you said it would. Your information has saved me a lot of trouble and money. So thanks again for your very specific and helpful information.
By Abby

New Comments

My husband signed up for one of those promo magazine deals, figuring we would cancel at the end of the free trial period. I’ve called every month for the past 6, being told my subscription is now canceled after being berated with “better offers”. My bank statement says TME magazine and this number. I’m going to the bank today to report this as fraud and the BBB as money is being collected after verbal refusal. Theft.
By Skyler

I don’t know who this number belongs to. Maybe a scam… It is posted on my bank account online withdrawals, FOR A MAGAZINE subscription (or so it says). I did not authorize this withdrawal. What can I do about it?
By Reed

Yes, the woman on the phone I purchased the subscription through an Internet promotion that I do not remember. She said the remove the transaction and refund my checking account
By Randy

I never received a call but may have missed an auto-renew email in a Junk Mail folder. About Us: Synapse Group Inc., a Meredith Corp. company…is based in Stamford, Connecticut, from, which is announced when going through the menu for 855-427-1652 this number.  Current and previous “free magazine” rewards were listed there, with a “cancel” option.
By Ronan

Do you have any new information about this phone number? Share your thoughts and experiences to spread awareness among and save everyone from harassment. Stay tuned to for more such updates.

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