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Who’s Calling Me from 347-560-5849? Find Details

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Who’s Calling Me from 347-560-5849? Find Details

If you been getting random calls from 347-560-5849 (or 3475605849) this number, you should be careful before receiving it. Here, we’re going to help you decide whether or not, this contact number is safe, and who is actually behind this.


  • Location: New York (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens) 347 Area Code
  • Name of the caller: Canadian Pharmacy
  • Conclusion/Assessment: Phishing, Suspicious calls

Latest Comments

Called back and a person who answered said, Thank you for calling Canadian Pharmacy. How may I help you?” I hung up and added them to my DO NOT ANSWER list on my phone with a special phone ring so that I don’t drop what I’m doing to answer calls of this kind.
By Joshua

Canadian online pharmacy. Asked for a supervisor to be removed from the list, they hung up. I called back and they gave me a bogus customer support number of 888-717-3519. Rings twice and goes to voice mail.
By Logan

One of many phone numbers used by long-time telemarketing scum Canadian Pharmacy. Even the name is a lie since it is a boiler room operation in either India or Pakistan.
By James

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Keeps calling 347-560-5849. Leaves no message, phone id says unknown, look up advised company name as Canadian pharmacy.  These morons do not follow the do not call list.
By Benjamin

Recent Comments

“It was a missed call on my phone. When I dialed back, the person answered, knew my first name. Said they were Canadian-Pharmacy and that I have a ***a Rx waiting. I screamed I am a lesbian and take me off your list NOW! LOL”

By Addison

I wish there is a way to stop this internet pharmacy which using slavery labor workers to generate a huge profit income

By Avery

They call from lots of different numbers, online pharmacy sales, person w/ accent selling pharmacy products, you tell them DNC or remove number and they say yes and thank you then call back again 1-2 weeks later.
By Sofia

An individual does not identify themselves. Asks what medicine you’re on and then when you ask them to speak with their manager, they hang up.

By Aubrey

Do not call 800 or 888 toll-free numbers, even if you have a blocked caller ID, they still get your name and number, because; they are paying for the call. This goes for EVERY toll-free number like 347-560-5849 you call.
By Lily

Do you have any new information for this 3475605849 contact number? Please share your experience with everyone so that everyone can be alert from this number. Do leave your comments below. And for more such posts and complaints, stay tuned to ComplaintWires.

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