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Who is Behind 01872487982 this Phone Number? Everything You Must Know

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Who is Behind 01872487982 this Phone Number? Everything You Must Know

Received a call from 01872487982 number recently? Or do you want to know every detail about this phone number? Read on below to get all the information related with this suspicious number. But, before we reveal that, have a look at the description of this phone below:

  • Name/Company: Truro
  • Type of calls: Unknown
  • Reviews: Untrustworthy
  • Location: Truro, UK


This number 01872487982 has called me a few times, I haven’t answered, after reading comments glad I didn’t.

By Nickolas

Received a call from this number – dreadful scammers I’m afraid. Most smartphones can block numbers.

By Eve

Recorded message after a few moments delay saying they need to speak to me about my life insurance policy (which I don’t have!)
By Terry

Received a call from this number today but refused to answer it. I have now blocked the number, not that it stops them trying again and again, but it does not ring and goes straight into spam. I am not even curious enough to try and phone back so they are wasting their time.
By Morgan

I keep getting annoying telephone calls from 01872487982. I want this number BLOCKED FOREVER.
By Ahmad

Recorded female voice warning about the status of our life insurance. Blocked the number straight away. No doubt they will use a different number shortly.
By Jaydon

Called to say they are from Microsoft and that I have problems with my computer. Obviously a SCAM
By Kale

Recent Comments

Truro number.  Phoned my mobile, talking very quickly asking for confirmation of my name and number.  Then says he wouldn’t phone me again if I would just take a quick sixty-second survey on household products I use.  I hung up. Apparently they build up a profile of you on what seems like innocent questions over time, which they then sell on.
By Marie

Got yet another call from this number and when I answered the call the person hung up……..WHO ARE YOU?
By Zion

Did not answer, when I picked up my mobile. Sick of these people.
By Ariel

If you have any further details about this particular number 01872487982 other than the mentioned above, please do leave it below and make everyone aware of the same. Stay tuned for such posts and information.

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