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Who Calls Me from 03451122207 This Number?

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Who Calls Me from 03451122207 This Number?

If you are getting regular calls from 03451122207 this number, or you want to know details about the same. We have everything about this number down below, and also people’s comments and experiences.


  • Name/Company: Sky
  • Type: Telemarketer
  • Review Assessment: Neutral or Slightly Negative
  • Location: United Kingdom (Premium Rate Service)


just had 1st call – didn’t even give me enough time to log in here and see before it stopped.
NO intention of answering it without more info from here.  🙂

By Kimberly

Called the home phone and although calls get transferred to my mobile no voicemail was left – unknown to me so hope they are not expecting a callback!!!
By Carson

Sky trying to see mobile told I had another contract asked I there no-one in the family that can take it told all on the same network was told I can change them all… A bit pushy…
By Juan


They have rung me about 8 or 9 times when I first answered I could just hear a noisy call centre in the background so I hung up, I have not answered it since but reading the comments about this number I am going to block it

By Drake

This number has called me 6 times since Thursday. Usually rings twice a day during the afternoon. (I’ve now blocked it after checking these reviews). Everyone is saying its Sky, or a company on behalf of Sky called Voice. However, if true, no idea how they have my number or details. My number is brand new having taken out a new EE contract last month. I’ve not been on Sky’s website and I do not have sky TV, internet and have never had a sky mobile. I’ve not been looking at any sky phones and never owned a sky product. Strange…. anyway numbers blocked and I recommend everyone does the same.

By Grady

Selling Sky Mobile but are not actually Sky. Where do they get your details from? I sometimes suspect it’s Amazon MarketPlace sellers! Also learnt not to put my mobile number on Gumtree…within sometimes hours get a spam call from 03451122207 this number.

By Braylen

Recent Comments

This company has started phoning me too. I thought it was illegal to cold-call customers. We’ve been getting these sorts of calls on and off for a year or so. Don’t answer unless the phone recognises the incoming caller. We used to get calls from pak*stani/Indian men claiming they were from Three and wanted access to my computer as they needed to check my modem. I used to be with Three but changed to Sky however this didn’t deter them as they then claimed my new modem belonged to them too!!!!? I refused but they wouldn’t give up. The interesting thing was Three used to mispronounce my name as did these people. Three denied they’d sold my details on. I think they’re all at it when you leave, someone sells on your details. Strong legislation and multi-million-pound fines should stop this behaviour in its tracks, it’s just getting the proof.

By Jax

They rang me and claimed they were from Sky then asked me how many mobile phones we had in the house. I told them I was too busy to talk

By Allen

Fed up being rung by this number up to 3 times a day I just ignore it but it’s getting annoying

By Jacob

Latest Comments

I’ve had several calls from 03451122207 but I’m usually at work when they call. I have just answered the phone & a young lad is obviously with a couple of ppl around him because I could hear another lad talkin & the one who rang me, he told his friend josh that he had someone who had answered & to hurry up over to him. Then the phone went dead.
By Gunnar

Calling every day for a fortnight, no message left, today they have rung six times and it’s only 2.40pm! Anybody that desperate for business should leave a message.

By Kira

Sky Marketing trying to make you spend more money on their already inflated prices

By Adan

Phoned them back on 03451122207. Sky marketing call. Gives you the option of being removed from their calling list if you phone them back

By Kelly

Have you also experienced a call from this number, or want to share any new information, please leave your comments below and spread awareness. Stay tuned for more such updates.

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