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Who Calls Me 01315614532? Full Information About the Phone Number

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Who Calls Me 01315614532? Full Information About the Phone Number

If you been getting calls from 01315614532 number, then you might need to know from which company or person is it associated with. Here, we are going to help you judge whether or not this phone number is a scam, or is it trustworthy. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s get started.

But first, let us list out some of the clear information about this number:

  • Phone number: 01315614532
  • Region/Country: Leeds, UK
  • Type: Landline
  • Prefix number: 113


As with any number I don’t recognize, I let it sit after I answer it to see if any human says anything. If not, I let the number hang up by itself.

By Mason

Scottish lady saying she was from HMRC, wanting to know how much I knew about new tax regulations. I was busy and asked her to call back. Reading the comments on here, I have now blocked the number.

By Ryder

These people rang and asked for me at my parents home. Where they got my name from and how they connected it to my elderly parents I have no idea. I haven’t lived there since 1982!! (And my surname has changed twice since then)

By Nicole

These people phoned me  4 days ago but I hung up when I realised that it was a fake survey scam. Since then they have phoned every day including 3 times today which is a Sunday! Fortunately, I have a Panasonic phone which enables me to block their number.
By Kaleb

Has called before as number is already on my blocked list so personally no idea (although many people here suggest BBC surveys) – it was and will continue to be automatically & silently blocked by my BT8500 call guardian phone. It might be a scam – who knows for sure!?

By Rachel

Latest Comments

they are a detective company for debt collection or someone trying to find where you live, they are ringing me because I allegedly owe money to my electricity supplier, so just block them they r up to no good

By Leo

01315614532 Male caller (upper-class English accent) didn’t identify himself or his organisation, simply said he was surveying something to do with politics. I stopped listening to the word ‘survey’. I don’t do phone surveys. He was politely told what he could do and the number is now blocked.

By Cody

A guy with polite accent something to do with BBC and would I answer a couple of questions, told him my phone is registered to stop these type of calls and he very rudely said well you have got one so I just hung upon him.

By Cali

Ipsos Mori calling to validate a survey that I took part in at the beach on behalf of the environment agency.
Just calling to ensure that I was a genuine respondent, ask me to describe the interviewer and where the interview took place. Also checked to ensure I was given a data protection leaflet. The call took 2 mins max, not a problem.
By Kyra

Called today at1.15pm, told them to remove me from their calling list, told me I’d have to stay on the phone to give them some details and that a manager would have to speak to me, so I could be removed from their calling list, hung up, expecting them to call back, never did, but dialled 1471 and got the number 01315614532.

By Annie

Recent Comments

Called on 06 Dec 14. The caller said him as researching on behalf of Leeds University. I asked him where he had got my number from and stated they don’t work from databases, they have a system that randomly generates numbers.
By Phoenix

They have been calling me for the last few days, claiming to be national student survey wanting to know about my studies at Queens University, I answered the first time but they are persistently calling me. Wouldn’t worry too much about it but would like them to stop calling.
By Charlie

Called several times in a month, time-varying from 8 am Monday to 9 pm Sunday (can you believe it???). I am a uni student and after reading the above comment I think this number should be a survey company and calling aims to lobby the students to fill the NSS survey.

By Jerry

Research organisation IPSIS? called approx. 20 times last two weeks, latest on Saturday at 20.26 when I asked for my number to be removed from their calling list I was told no list numbers were called at random when I said I was registered with TPS caller said they were exempt and I would still get calls unless I answered questions, reporting to TPS

By Hugo


Four calls from them in the last week. I have a Samsung mobile phone which blocks numbers but logs the call. They call on Sundays or early evenings too. Annoying.
By Abram

tony welling of Pet Services Buxton is a pest Keeps calling me about pet funerals
since my cat died I already buried her with someone else. very stressing phone number is 0800 093 2367
By Bruce

they keep calling me at work and I keep getting missed call messages, although I have never spoken to them they are starting to become an irritation every day.

By Johan

These people are total scammers who make vast amounts of money passing your details on to companies which are aware that cold calling or unsolicited contact is illegal unless you invited them to do so through this so-called IPSOS MORI. This name has been abused and should be treated like scammers of which they are. If you want a genuine company use YouGov.
By Amira

Recent Comments on 01315614532 phone number

The one thing they do not like is their Directors being called at home and interrupted just as they interrupt us.      If you do not want these calls to find their Directors details.
By Whitney

Just had a call from these 4 days in a row. The number they are calling is a business call out phone which I think I’m being called out!
By Ryan

I answered a call from this number by saying hello and the caller just said “you stupid f****** bint”. I’ve never called from this number before, the number is now blocked.
By Myah

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