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Who Called You from 858-251-0062 / (858) 251-0062?

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Who Called You from 858-251-0062 / (858) 251-0062?

Have you received random calls from  858-251-0062 this phone number? Do you want to know who’s behind it? Worry not, we are going to list out all the possible information about this number down below. Besides this, you can also review people’s experiences and feedback against this number.

Latest Comments

Received a call from this number, when I picked it up the lady spoke Spanish and I pushed 9 on my phone and we got disconnected.  I hope I get removed from whatever list they have me on.  Caller ID said Electric Company.  If they are trying to sell me solar I am not interested.  My bill usually is between 30-50 dollars.  Solar won’t work for me.  Good luck if you received these calls
By Jaxon

The number came from 858-251-0062.  I answered the phone (it was my cell) and someone was just talking in Spanish.  They wouldn’t stop, I said “I think you have the wrong number” and the voice kept going, which I assume means it was a RoboCall of some sort but in Spanish.  I think it had something to do with electrical.
By Bailey

“These people always call me with a recorded message in Spanish, I just hang up. When I call back and ask in English what’ she the reason for their call they will hang up on me. They are looking to talk to uneducated Folsom who speak no English to scam them.”
By Hayden

“Same thing, disconnected when I answered so since I have a non-listed and am on do not call list I called them back twice and both times got “Buenos tardes” (it was 3:45 PM on 10/07/2015) and when I said who is this, they hung up.”

By Caroline

Recent Comments

“My phone is private: Is it Barrera Julio’s Insurance 901 N. Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, CA 93030-phone 805-487-8610; residents 726 Princess Dr. Oxnard, ca 93030; having an employee make these calls. The only nut that has my information…”

By Maria

I have gotten a call from them at different times every other day or so. I have never answered and they have never left a voicemail. I’m going to block them.
By Nolan

received a phone call from this number today. When answer the woman spoke Spanish. Call the number back ask what company is this man got mad hung up the phone.
By Destiny

The computerized voice in Spanish saying it was my last chance to install an electric monitoring device to lower my costs. I pressed 1 and told them in Spanish “Estoy muy interesado, en meter ese aparato en tu [***]” (I’m very interested, in shoving that device up to your behind) and then pressed the End key
By Alex

If you have also received calls from this number and want to share your experience, do leave your comments below. Stay tuned ComplaintWires about more such updates…

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