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Who Called You from 800-945-2000? Is this a Scam?

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Who Called You 800-945-2000? Is this a Scam?

Did you receive a call from 800-945-2000? What did they say? Do they seem fraud? Are they harassing you again and again? Well, it’s time to decode what this phone is all about and is it a scam or a genuine call:

Top Comments

I think this is funny. I am not with Chase. Want to discuss my account. Never have been. In 2008, I cut up and paid off all of my cards and have used my debit card for everything since. I’m not falling for this, BYE BYE scammers!
By Jessica

Today, I got a call from 800-945-2000 Chase Card Services. When the person, well, it didn’t sound like it was a person actually told me to press for more information I hung up since it asked for personal information. I’m pretty sure it is a scam.
By John

It’s a scam!
Details: Got a call from 1-800-945-2000. Caller ID said “Chase Card Services”. I’ve been getting calls from them for the past few months, so I finally answered. It was an automated call message, which was saying to press 1 to decrease the Vias card interest rates or my account will be closed. It didn’t make any sense, but anyway, I press key 1. Afterwards, he keeps explaining to me about the policies and all. When I turn up the interest, he finally hung up the call.
By Claudia

I have this number blocked on my phone for a quite long time. They had stopped for several months; now I’m getting them 6 -7 times per week. My phone doesn’t put it through. (1 ring only) then it’s blocked.
There are so many scams out there that I now answer the phone saying…”Sheriff’s Department – Fraud Division”…
Amazing how fast they hang up now… I have a log of numbers that are scams… They also now are using people’s names and numbers. I got a call from them again… I said she died…. they haven’t used my number or called again… It’s a nice way to deal with them.
By Joseph

New Comments

Yeah, it’s a scam. I keep two fake card numbers written down right by the phone. I have to go get the cards, turn on a light, then the bulb goes our, then I replace it, and give false info to the [***] and harass him till he hangs up. You should also answer these guys like that from 800-945-2000.
By Emma

Just got a call from this number and caller said CHASE CC so I answered. Very bad robocall saying 0% on credit card. Didn’t have one with them but I pressed “1” key to hear what they were saying. Could hardly understand him and asked what credit card and he hung up on me. THIS IS NOT CHASE! However, you must be careful with them.

By Olivia

Re: Is this backdoor number a scam? 800-945-2000

Can you provide the name of the thread you got this number from?

By Isabella

Is this number a scam?
I just called the number and main number. The recorded voice is the same, so I guess that seems more legit. Just to be sure, you could always call the main number and ask to verify that you spoke with a chase employee or validate the same number. Always re-check the info before confirming.
By Sarah

Chase CANNOT CALL OUT from this number it is their IN-COMING customer service line. Any call from this number can be DANGEROUS for you. They always want to steal your credit card details, DO NOT ANSWER.
By Claire

Recent Comments

I called back on this number to see what it was but apparently the guy behind the phone had the wrong idea and decided to whisper weird things to me things I’ve never heard before. He felt Hawaiian. He made me incompetent of my true heritage, I was no longer a nigga I was a Shaka bro now. Before I hung up he tells me … Mahalo Muchacho then proceeded to bust a nut so heavy it went through the phone line. You gotta be careful before picking up the call.
By Mathew

I received a call from this number. I was not home at the time. Also, no message was left by the caller. I did not call back after reading other reviews about this number. Is this number a real scam? Please inform me.
By Ava

Same idiots have been calling here for 2 years phishing for credit card information. They know I don’t have a credit card but still keep calling me anyway spoofing and phishing. I guess these idiots don’t have very many numbers. Funny thing I run a business out of my home and they still call even when I answer with the name of my business. Takes all kinds these nasty people from South Africa have even got vulgar with me when I asked to be removed from their list. Really stupid, uneducated people.
BY Ethan

Latest Comments

If you google the number it points back to Chase. And I think that’s totally right. Back when my family (myself included) had our app with chase we used that number to check on our apps, pretty sure it’s a legit man. I’m more than sure that it could be a scam phone number.
By Joshua

I’ve blocked a lot of these numbers on my phone. Now I’m getting calls from the credit card scammers where my caller ID is showing a local (spoofed) phone number, most of which are not valid numbers according to my phone company. Therefore, when I ask for the callers for their company or business name, they hang up on me without even telling me to have a nice day. That’s totally very rude.
By Chloe

These people are calling from Chase card services and I keep telling them I don’t have a card. Yet, they don’t understand and they keep calling getting on my nerves! Can’t wait for the next time to repeat back to them what they say to me. Tired of them! It’s now over the limit of harassment.
By Ashley

Read the recent complaints properly and slowly. “These people” are subhuman wage slaves running a tiresome fraud scheme from outside the States and they don’t work for Chase. These are real scammers and fraudsters. Be alert!
By Lora

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