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Who Called You From 08000521251? Everything You Need to Know

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Who Called You From 08000521251? Everything You Need to Know

Have you been getting calls from 08000521251 this number lately? Don’t worry, we got you all the details related to this phone number.

Description of this number:

  • Conclusion/Assessment: Neutral
  • Name of the Company: Virgin Media
  • Locations: United Kingdom


claims to be calling from Virgin Mobile (I would not confirm any details as an unsolicited call) would not say what they were trying to sell me just kept wanting to know what phone I had. politely said no thank you/goodbye
By Zender

These guys keep calling, have the number blocked and don’t answer unknown callers
By Norah

I can confirm this is a genuine Virgin Media number used for sales purposes.
Existing customers can update their marketing preferences via My Virgin Media under ‘My Profile’ > ‘My Preferences’.
By Jared

I asked them to answer a couple of MY security questions.
When they fail at the first, the last two digits of my postcode. I tell them they have failed my security questions. Therefore I think you are scammers. Hang up and block their number.
By Ivy

I keep getting this number ringing don’t answer if it is virgin already told them I’m happy with my tarrif please stop calling
By Isla

Recent Comments

I have missed several calls but I can confirm it is VirginMedia/Mobile I recently requested a sim card due to a change of phone. I  had received a message telling me they would be telephoning me. This was the call.
By Drew

Just had a call from 08000521251 stating she was from virgin media it got onto the subject of what movies do I like then she started asking how many kids I had what they like watching and was more bothered about my kids etc so I said that’s irrelevant  when your supposed to be calling about my virgin media then she asked me the same again so hung up and blocked the number.
By Dean

Latest Comments

I keep finding missed calls from this 08000521251 number and looked it up. Virgin Media recently sent me a new sim card to future-proof the phone for network upgrades. I haven’t got around to using it as I haven’t had time to copy my address book off it. So when I saw it was Virgin and I thought it might be something to do with that. However, people are saying on various sites that it is aggressive marketing. I am on a very cheap rate which they have this year increased slightly and is still a good deal but if they try to persuade me to upgrade to a much more dearer one I’ll be telling them “thanks but no thanks.”
By Judah

Received a call from this number offering me 350 Mb broadband, new router hub and TV package for a pound more than I’m paying for 100 Mb and no TV, could hardly understand her accent and she told me I’m paying £57 at the moment which I questioned because it seemed too much and she again said that’s what I pay and when I checked I’m paying £36 so almost a good scam but didn’t get all of her facts correct but she did know I had been with Virgin Media for 23 years, be wary people
By Kiara

Recent Comments

had a call from this number 08000521251 and she said her name was Jean from Virgin Media but could not understand her accent as she sounded foreign I asked her to repeat what she was saying a few times and she hung up how rude if this is Virgin Media staff I think all need to be retrained on how to speak slower and more concise
By Trey

Said she was from virgin media and offered me an upgrade when I asked why when I called virgin media the day before they didn’t offer me this she asked what was the nature of my call I then told her it was none of her business and to take my number off her list n not to call me again with her scam n, yes she hung up.
By Ronald


By Jakob

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