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Who Called Me from 8009452000? Is this a Scam?

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Who Called Me from 8009452000? Is this a Scam?

Did you ever receive a call from 8009452000? What did they say? Do they seem fraud? Are they harassing you again and again? Well, it’s time to decode what this phone is all about and is it a scam or a genuine call:


This calling centre is what they call them from Antonio Texas. They even ask me for my credit card number, which of course I don’t have one, and also my social security number. They keep calling me constantly… I had to say please remove my phone number because is register and do not call list they continue.
By Ron

NO MAME THEY ARE PHISHING THE CHASE PHONE NUMBER PLEASE REPORT THEM. I actually called chase and was told they would never call you and ask for your card number on the phone. It’s a serious fraud.
By Sean

Multiple calls from these scammers who spoof Chase’s number.  Blocked the number and report the calls to the FCC (for all the good government does — they can monitor everyone’s cell phone and internet traffic, but can’t seem to track down and prosecute scammers from India). Should take strict actions against them.
By Claudia

All My Phone Numbers are on the Gov’t do not call list.
By Mark

Yeah, it’s a scam. I keep two fake card numbers written down right by the phone. I have to go get the cards, turn on a light, then the bulb goes our, then I replace it, and give false info to the [***] and harass him till he hangs up. That’s what you also should do whenever you get a call from 8009452000 number.
By Gabe

Top Comments

Same idiots, been calling here for 2 years phishing for credit card information. These idiots know I don’t have a credit card but still call anyway spoofing and phishing. I guess these idiots don’t have very many numbers to keep calling me. Funny thing I run a business out of my home and they still call even when I answer with the name of my business. Takes all kinds these nasty people from India have even got vulgar with me when I asked to be removed from their list. Very stupid people. Should be careful next time.
By Carl

This number is indeed Chase Banking, however, they NEVER call out from this number. SPAMMERS/HACKERS spoof this number in an attempt to gain access to your account and ID. < Verified by Chase Customer Service. Please verify the number before picking up.
By Racheal

I just got a call from this number. Wanted to offer me a credit card. I told them that if I vote for the Democrats, I can get free stuff so I do not need a credit card. They hung up.
By Laurel

I spoke with a customer service rep at Chase who at first thought it was a Chase number but then he discovered that this is not in the Chase directory so it is not a number that Chase recognizes. This is likely a spoofed number.
By Kristine

Yikes. This is a spoof of a Chase number, but trying to call the real Chase numbers is like opening an encyclopedia of frauds and scams, having to listen to them ALL, and FINALLY GIVING UP.
By Priya

Recent Comments

The MF spoke in Mexican accent and called himself as Sam Peterson and then he understood he is calling to somebody much smarter than him so he started taking in abusive Hindi Language and when I reciprocated in the same abusive language that he understands more than anything else he was afraid and disconnected. Pure Scam. He better be reading this like Police is on his way to his house in his small city.
By Johnson

I added a fraud alert to my credit report and message to contact me to confirm the new credit line request. After I applied for a credit card, they call ( US bank) two days later to confirm that it was me who was asking for a new credit card. Good service. I appreciate them checking.
By Jennie

8009452000 just called our business asking for the previous owner by name. Caller ID shows up as 800 Service. The man who called said the company he was calling from was named Direct. When pressed for the actual company name, he stated that it was called Direct Processing. Knew instantly it was credit card pushers. He asked if we accepted credit cards. Told him that we do not. He said ‘hold on a second’, put me on hold, then away to early in the morning to be so bubbly woman comes on and starts in on the hard push credit card processing spiel. Politely informed her that we do not accept credit cards, as we are a cash/check only business. She then stated ‘yeah, OK, whatever’ and then hung up on me. Reporting the call as harassment to the website, along with the BBB.
By Sadie Schnapp


Same this as other posters. Received this call but they left a voicemail and it was a robotic pre-recorded message saying my ss# was going to be blocked. Complete rubbish. I hope people will google and be smart enough to know that ANYTHING from the government will come via US Postal service NEVER on the phone. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM
By Tia

This is scam using the name Orlando Welcome Center trying scam people into giving their credit card numbers. At first, a recorded message is played and they ask questions, then you get transferred to Susan, who immediately ask for your credit card number, when she is told this is a scam, she threatens to send the police to arrest you. Don’t ever give anyone your personal and credit info over the phone. Indeed this is a big-time scam like the IRS scam.
By Joshua

SCAM!! Called 3 times today from 8009452000 (persistent buggers) left message: Being sued by IRS… AS IF… SCAM! IRS will NEVER CALL! SCAM!!! DON’T FALL FOR IT SCAM!!!
By Noname

This number 8009452000, is a scam. They mention IRS and lawsuit in the message. Flag #1 is the no 800 number. Flag #2 is everything else. I spoke to and asked questions of Officer Alan Alston Badge NS17861 …..Scam Scam Scam.
By Rivlin

If you want to add any further details about this contact number of you have also experienced any calls from this number, please do share your feedback in the comments section below.
Stay alert and keep yourself safe any harassment.

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