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Who Called Me from 02078553116? Everything You Need to Know

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Who Called Me from 02078553116? Everything You Need to Know

Have you been getting calls from 02078553116 number? Or did you ever heard about this number, either from your friends, family, or close relatives? Well, don’t worry, if you or anyone you know are getting calls from this number, you can find all the information about it here. Below is the precise information related to this phone:

About This Phone:

  • Who is it/Company: Amazon Delivery
  • Type of calls: Trustworthy
  • City: London, United Kingdom
  • International number: +442078553116

Top Comments

Why report it?, Because now we know this one is legit? This is website is not called ” report a scam” it’s called     ” who calls me”
By Jack

Actually you don’t know for sure.  Amazon does not call you unless you call them first and request a callback.
By Jennifer

From Amazon delivery. The driver didn’t know where to put my parcel. You can’t ring the number back, just have to wait for them to ring you again.

By Amelia

02078553116 this number phoned me twice yesterday. person on the other end kept saying ‘can you hear me’ and kept going quiet. hung up as I think its some sort of scam.

Called and just silent, 2nd call today, I have now blocked the number

By Hailey

The Amazon delivery guy at 9.50pm. I didn’t answer the first call but looked it up on this site. When the same number rang again I answered. The delivery driver was at our gate, attempting redelivery. I was impressed and pleased to get my parcel.

By Lucas

Recent Comments

Rang twice at 7:30 pm on a Sunday, I answered and I could just hear someone breathing. I haven’t ordered anything from Amazon or anywhere else.

By Dylan

I had a missed call from 02078553116 this number as I was on the school run. No message left so I looked it up to see if I should block it, however, there was an Amazon parcel left with the neighbours when I got in so I think this is probably accurate.

By Henry

Just tried to take a call – unable to hear what caller was saying. If this is Amazon they should be using better equipment.

By Juan

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