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Who Called Me from 01872487982? Is This Number a Scam?

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Who Called Me from 01872487982? Is This Number a Scam?

Have you been getting random calls from 01872487982? Are you suspicious that this could be a scam number? Well, worry not as we are going to reveal every detail about this phone number down below. Also, you can review all the comments by people who actually got calls from this number and their experience for the same:

Before we do that, here’s some general description of this particular number:

  • Name/Company: Truro
  • Type: Unknown
  • Conclusion/Assessment: Beware of this call! Review comments below.
  • Location: Truro, United Kingdom
  • International Call: +441872487982


Rang and then hung up as I answered the phone, so annoying!

By Andre

Luckily I missed there call & have now blocked them, I don’t answer until I know who is calling, so just put a number that called you into google & checks first before answering.

By Leslie

Company phone me from 01872487982 claiming to follow-up a vehicle accident. When I asked how did you get my details they hung up. It’s all good reporting this to off com, but what are they doing to stop this?

By Zion

Phoning my 10 yr old daughter how they got her number who knows!? As only given to family and close friends! Thankfully she knows not to answer anyone, not in her contact list, Number now blocked!.

By Martin

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A female caller asked me about a recent accident of which I was innocent! – how can you be innocent of an accident? fecking id**ts – gave some then blocked the number.

By Cash

MIL Collections Ltd in Truro on 01872487982 masqueradings as an insurance provider to confirm details by blagging to update their debtors’ list.
By Luca

Received a call from this number today but refused to answer it. I have now blocked the number, not that it stops them trying again and again, but it does not ring and goes straight into spam. I am not even curious enough to try and phone back so they are wasting their time.
By Jared

I’ve had 6 calls today from this number they are a pain in the [***] I’ve threatened them and told them to remove my number they ignore all my requests to stop contacting me they say they want me to take a survey I can’t block the number as I have some calls regarding my health that are anonymous otherwise id block all numbers that are not in my contact list BLOCK IT
By Simon

Recent Comments

Called to say they are from Microsoft and that I have problems with my computer. Obviously a SCAM
By Amber

In case you are also a victim of getting these random calls, please leave your experience below in the comments section and spread the awareness. For more such complaints and reports, stay connected on our website. Be safe, be alert!

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