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Is SilverScript Part D good plan?

SilverScript Part D Plans have no annual deductible but can greatly vary in terms of the monthly premium. SilverScript Part D Plans have drug coverage based on tiers. … SilverScript Part D Plans include a coverage gap and catastrophic coverage

One prescription I take went from a $13 copay to $126 in one month, a hike of nearly 10 times the previous price. A pattern of deceit began two months ago when a prescription I’d taken for years doubled the copay from $21 to $42.

I appealed twice and was twice denied. The CEO of CVS, Larry Merlo, makes $23 million. By the look of his picture, his puffy face suggests he’s using our money for a high-fat diet that no doubt includes lots of bacon grease and gallons of Opus One. Wish me luck.

Today I go into battle over the new $126 copay for Viibryd.

The drug’s fine print says “may cause thoughts of suicide.” SilverScript as it relates to CVS might be looking at charges of manslaughter. As you can see by the stock ticker, attached, CVS/SilverScript and its vaunted CEO is taking company losses out of seniors on Part D.

Silverscript Issue due to main reason what is that???

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverscript Medicare Part D Prescription Health Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $113.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

SilverScript Pros: Had a few meds retiered, Price.

SilverScript Cons: No notice on price hikes, Denials of price hike appeal.

Part D
Denial Of Appeals

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