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Reveal the Caller Details of 720 735 5018 (or 720-732-5018) Number

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Reveal the Caller Details of 720 735 5018 (or 720-732-5018) Number

Do you want to find out who called you from 720 735 5018 (or 720-735-5018) number? We are going to list out every possible detail about the caller behind this number. Stay tuned till the end to know this information.

Brief Description 

  • This number may be located in Denver, or Keenesburg, Colorado, United States.
  • It may be operated by CLEC, LLC.

Recent Comments

This is a bs scan targeting the elderly…pretend to be law enforcement. They don’t say anything when a young person answers. DO NOT GIVE THESE CROOKS MONEY!
By Killian

Called ID said LEC which I assume stands for Law Enforcement Coalition. I do not appreciate ANY organization exploiting people who might wish to support law enforcement or the loophole allowing so-called political action groups to make unsolicited calls. Do your own research before you give these people any money! How much goes to overhead and how much actually reaches the intended purpose. They can STOP CALLING, I’m not giving one red cent!!! Caller blocked.
By Renata

Caller ID said Keansburg Colorado Robo human answering phone said it was from Law enforcement Coalition soliciting donations
By Niko

I have received three calls from these hacks.  I took the time to block them tonight.  They never leave any sort of message but state they will call back tomorrow.
By Roland

Received a call from 720 735 5018 around 10:30 AM on 6/8/17, shown on CID as: “Keenesburg CO”.¬† The call was picked up by answering machine, but no message left. ¬†A legitimate caller would leave a message and a call back number. ¬†Yet ANOTHER scammer!
By Celia

There is a legit organization called “Law Enforcement Coalition for Common Sense,‚ÄĚ with Gabby Gifford and Mark Kelly and law enforcement officials across the country. But LEC ain’t it.
By Jairo

New Comments on 720 735 5018

Caller ID said Keansburg Colorado when  I picked up from a person named Adam said he was  calling for law-enforcement  Coalition  soliciting contributions  Will call Block
By Odin

The caller ID read Keansburg CO. Caller said (in a cheerful friendly voice) “Hi. This is Adam.” When I didn’t answer right away, a caller asked: “Are you there?” To which I rather stupidly said “Yes”. Now I’m worried it was one of those calls where they record you saying “Yes”, and then use this stolen affirmative to do all sorts of things.
By Reyna

To you, Fed Up…I am also on the Federal Do Not Call List, unlisted phone number. ¬†This call came across my CID this afternoon, 8/9/2017, let answering machine pick it up, nothing, another blocked call, along with 26 other ones that I have blocked as of today.
By Rylee

The call was automatically blocked as a Robo caller. CID: LEC. The number, 720 735 5018, has a privacy block on it so you can’t see who is really calling. Bogus group looking to rip you off when you give your credit card for a donation. Scammers!!
By Rudy

CID was LEC and they did not leave a message. From reading the above posts, it seems it is the Law Enforcement Coalition scam. They have been calling for years with different numbers.
By Jairo

Sketchy telemarketing racket trying to fool call blocking the software by adding an extra “1” to area code. That only helps identify the caller as fraudulent and AT&T is reporting the number as “Invalid.” ¬†Now blocking all numbers from 720 with and without an extra “1.”
By Macey


et another scammer…I don’t answer and never will…they simply waste their time, which I do not care about, but they are wasting mine as well, which I do care about…
All of these losers can go to HELL where they belong…
By Winston

I answered the telephone number 720 735 5018. ¬†On the Caller ID Screen, the company listed was: ¬†LEC. ¬†I answered the phone and “Adam” asked: ¬†“How are you today?” ¬†I said: I am fine Thank You but I am not taking any calls today from telemarketers.” ¬†At that point, He was rude and hung up without saying anything else.
By Niko

Have you been receiving random, unknown calls from this number, and want to know its details? You can review and get the information about the number through the above-mentioned comments.

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