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The credit card charge ISPA/PIMDS was first submitted to our database on July 17, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.
Do you have any information regarding the origin of this credit or debit card charge? If so, please comment below! Help others avoid potential confusion by sharing!
If you think you have been the victim of credit card fraud, a scam, or have had your credit card number stolen contact your credit card company or financial institution immediately. Don’t let your credit score be ruined!

Is this a legitimate credit card charge?

Got cash advance from my credit card for $60. Did this at an atm. The charge on my card was for $102.60. Charge on my card said .. ISPA PIMPS Financial services
From John Anderson

I used an ATM in a restaurant to make a withdrawal. There was a 2.99 terminal fee. Then there was anoth bank fee of 2.50 charged to my card. At least I can explain the charges, though I don’t like them.

From Charles T.

ive seen this description on my bank statements several times for withdrawals, and i cant figure out what atm machine it is


dont know what this is


some one did a Atm withdrawl off my cash card in florida ,I’m in another state. I had to cancel my card and file a dispute with my card company

From Mickey

This charge came from an outside ATM attached to a store. The charge amount was correct the fees were 1.00 and 4.00. I don’t know who the fees go to. My most concern is that there may be a device attached to this outside machine which could capture my card and pin and be used to make other transactions anywhere. I will no longer use this device.
From Suzanne
Made an ATM withdraw. The charge matched the fees that the ATM explained. No issues.

From Felip

my debit account was hit 3 times for $203 each time. Fraudulent withdrawal from an atm, I did not lose my card, someone stole my account info. Bank alerted me after the second withdrawal. watch out!!!

From Dosia

my debit card shows a $203 withdrawl and $2.50 ATM fee. It says it is an uncategorized: pending
From Leland

No hice ningún avance de la tarjeta y me salió un cobro es 175,50 dólares cuando estuve en Miami. Me salieron esss siglas en el estado de cuenta.
From Denisse
ISPA / PIMDS is the name of the switch / Terminal through with the transaction was processed.

From Hema

Nine charges…two on a new card…Always two charges at a time. They’re in the area I live. They have me for over $1000. Reported fraud to the credit card company, and the transactions were made with a chip card. How does this happen?
From Fran

I am seeing a lot of ISPA/PIMDS atm withdrawal from my accounts. Where did this come from?
Cash advance from an ATM. Legit.
From Lore F

Someone withdraw $83.00 from my checking account at one of these ATM’s in Ms ,while I still had the card in my possession in Tn. I reported it to the bank the very next day, they reimbursed me, closed the card, but and can’t give any info on whose ATM machine this is or where it is located. Now, they want to reverse the $83. I am working hard to file a police report so I can get my money back!!!! This is wrong on all levels!! Honest people work too hard and try to provide for their families. Does anyone have a number to tracking owners of these machines down or where exactly they are located??
From Catrina F

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