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HAUTLK RACK 8885478438 What is this??

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HAUTLK RACK 8885478438

HAUTLK RACK8885478438 is online order of Nordstrom Rack Store.
From Kris K Hautlk Rack

An unrecognised charge was made to my credit card. The transaction was processed before it could be blocked.
The merchant’s name is listed as: HAUTLKRACK8885478438 LOS A
From Shannon

on 8-30-2015 someone order with my credit card number i dont authorized or recognice this amounts 190.77 and 344.46 Oscar ANdrade
From Oscar Andrade

It’s notdstrom Rack
From Bonnie
I didn’t realized Nordstrom Rack used HAUTLK RACK8885478438 as part of the online billing route or something. At first I thought “oh no, dam scammers again!” I googled the HAUTLK RACK8885478438 and saw it was part of Nordstrom Rack so it was all good! I bought $398.05 (four pairs of shoes), none of them fit so I ended up returning all of them. So I saw the credit of $398.05 back on my credit card. Yeah!
From Morgan Hautlk Rack

Two charges for exactly $678.22 were made to my DuPont Community Credit Union bank card without my permission. My card was cancelled and a new card issued. Your company has refunded only one of the charges. Please refund the second charge made on 9-19, for the full amount of $678.22 as soon as possible. If questions, please email at or phone at 540-849-8536. I would appreciate your company’s response to this issue as soon as possible. thank you.
From Jim Leech

I purchased a 46.46 outfit that was way too small so I had to return it. I was only credited 31.90. It makes no sense to me to buy something from your website if I am going to spend money to get nothing! I will never shop on this website again and I did think you were the reputable Nordstrom Rack. That was my failt
From Sharon

Reviews on Hautlk Rack CA

Hi. { Hautlk Rack CA } My name is Mark Wilson. I have a debit charge on my account from you in the amount of $107.92 on 12-29-2015. This charge is not mine. My debit card has been cancelled do to erroneous charges. I urge you not to ship the items. I will get in touch with you by phone tomorrow to speak more on this issue. I was also billed by two other companies for items I did not purchase. I hope you can help me asap with this matter. Thank you.
From Mark Wilson

Got 2 charges on my credit card early this morning… a little over $300. Thank God my credit card company denied the charges.
From SY

Got a call from the Fraud Protection department of my credit card. They blocked a charge of $388.74 from HAUTLK RACK in LA and called me to confirm. This was a fraudulent transaction. I’ve never done business with them or Nordstrom’s.
From Lorin S

3/8/2016 – 4 unrecognised charges of $0.00 was made on my debit card. Merchant’s name is HAUTLK RACK8885478438 LO. Another transaction of $322.00 MERCHANT: FOOTLOCKER WAUSAU was declined. This transaction wasn’t authorised by my husband or myself. Thank goodness VISA contacted my bank to advise of suspicious amounts and cancelled my card. Sydney Australia. Get a job fraudsters and stop stealing from people.
From Strick

HAUTLK RACK 8885478438

Hubby received a message from the bank stating fraudulent activity. He goes straight there to find out that we have been hacked to the amount of $263!
Card is cancelled now but just wondering if anyone purchased music plug-ins before this hack as this was the last purchase on our CC!!
From Lami

I checked my credit card account today I saw an online purchase of US$ 600+ from HAUTLK RACK8885478438 that I didn’t make. Filed a dispute to my CC company and froze my account.
From Toni

Same. ~2,500 fraudulent charge. I came here by googling the name of the charge. Beware!
From Sum Guy

I had a fraudulent charge of $435.47 made today on my Debit Card by POS #630923 POS HAUTLK RACK 88854 CA 888-547-8438 HAUTLK.
My bank is working to reverse it and are sending me a new debit card.
From LR Ritter

here is what seems to be one problem. i had a charge of 1104.00 on my card and when i called Hautlk Rack and they looked into it, they said a charge was made and could only answer yes and no questions. i asked if the merchandise was sent to my address= No sent in my state?= no sent in USA?= yes i then told them to look at all their contested charges from others, find the address the items are getting sent to and Bam! you have the culprit and call the police!
they can not even tell me what items were ordered on my card!! due the the privacy rights, i guess, of the criminal!
From Bugs

Charge pending from 1/26/2016 from HAUTLK RACK888 for $249.94 that know nothing about.
Called bank who said they can’t do anything until the charge goes through. Called Nordstrom Rack Store and customer service said they would “try” to stop the charge.
There is no “try”, only “do”…and while you’re at it, maybe try keeping track the ship-to addresses of these assholes. If there is a pattern it is enough to get law enforcement interested. They like it when you hand it to them on a platter.
From John R

i have two separate charges totaling 1229.27 on my debit card, who do i contact? The number i was given by the bank, is not helping at all. this was a fraudulent charge.
From Angela Benway

I just got charges from this very company totaling almost $300.00. I contacted my bank. I did NOT purchase anything by HAUTLK RACK 8885478438
From KP

just logged into my account and have 2 charges from this company today. SO glad I went into my account to pay the bill and saw this.
From Unknown

Got an alert from my bank this morning 8/30/17 saying that someone went online with my damn card and bought $139.69 worth of stuff in LA when I live fucking Detroit. I call them and they can’t give me any information on the person that used my card. I DONT UNDERDSTAND HOW! They used my fucking card and you cant give me information. Talking about “We will be giving you a call within 24 hours to fix this. NO FIX MY SHIT NOW. Thank god my bank covered it but, GET A FUCKING JOB!!!!
From Angel

10/13/2017 POS PURCHASE HAUTLK RACK8885478438 188-854-7843 CA $350.43
Just got a call from the fraud company. Some poor (somehow) got our card information and charged 350.00 to are account. Had to cancel our account. This has caused us pain and grief. We go through blood, sweat and tears to earn 350.00 dollars. We harvest food out of the fields to feed you. Is this how you show your appreciation for your next meal while we go hungry? You poor sick fool. We feel sorry for you.
From Rar

this company attempted to charge me 5000$, it wouldn’t go thru so they charged me 769.00 this is fraud I want these people to be accountable for their actions merchant name is haultk rack
From Elizabeth

got charged for something I did not order which makes me very upset as I have had the same # for over 30 years.
From Connie

I got a phone call last night from the bank that fraudulent activity had taken place on my visa debit card of $1,300 from the same merchant number and I live in Australia!!!!!! I was absolutely shell shocked I feel violated! I googled the merchant number details and here we are I couldn’t believe my eyes…so distressing! Now I’m feeling so paranoid about everything. Who are they? How did they get my information? 😳
From Girl from down under

2/3/17 Someone made 2 fraudulent charges for just over $300 to my debit card at HAUTLK RACK. Hoping my bank should reimburse me. So many fraudulent charges at this store! If you see this name on your statement, be sure to check it out.
From Unknown

Several charges was debited from my account totaling approximately $1,000.00 dollars. Hautlk rack 888
From Marcus Jackson

These clowns posted 11 charges to my credit card today. transaction showed as HAUTLKRACK8885478438 never heard of this until today. scumbags
From Russ C

Small charge..talked to a ep of Hautlk Rack and promised a call back in 24-48 hours. Given the number of complaints about HAUTLK Rack I’m surpirsed Nordstrom doesn’t do something about it. I’ve never ordered anything from Nordstrom and never will now.
From Ross

got hit for two charges totalling $4040.64. I had no idea till I received my credit card statement. Thankfully, my credit card company is going to take care of it, thank you TD Canada Trust.
From Bart Hautlk Rack CA

HAUTLK RACK8885 Seems I will be paying for this fraud also as I my CC Company found this and verified it with me so they took off the charge, now I find they say nope until proven as fraud I will be paying. Time to say good bye to REI US BANK CC
From R Drake

Got hit with them too. Luckily my bank shut the card down before they could get too much. Lost about $300 but they were trying to get more. I’ll have my bank reimburse me… but it’s a pain that I have to go through. Hate people that steal.
From Unknown

9-30-15 and 10-1-15 someone placed two orders with my credit card number I did not authorized or recognize these amounts 212.96 and 211.94
From Unknown
5 unrecognised charges was made to my credit card.
The merchant’s name is listed as: HAUTLK RACK888
From JR
Unauthorized charge 520.30 HAUTLK RACK8885478438 for $520.30! contact email:
From XIE
These ass sucking parasites got me for $4487
From Marcus
From Daniel Chiarella
Unauthorized charge listed as HAUTLK RACK8885478438 for $1996.40! Thanksgiving Day, so credit card office is closed and can’t report it!
From JL
My son ran up 200 dollars bill I’m killing
From Anthony Wade Johnson
From David

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