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Fraud in the PayTM Account, Please help!

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Fraud in the PayTM Account, Please help!

I live in Chennai and this complaint is regarding fraud in the PayTM account recently. The technology and payment company, based out of Noida, is now not ready to refund my money.

  • Location/Place: Chennai
  • Name of Company and Service: PAYTM, Tata Photon Recharge failed.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: [Paytm Care] Re: Recharge failed not yet refunded !! (ticket #100664332)

I have tried recharging my tata photon plus data card online through the PAYTM website on 23rd March 2013 with Rs.255/- amount. Both the times the recharge got failed and my amount got debited in my bank account. I requested a refund from the PAYTM button and waited for 21days and I didn’t get a refund of the same. I have to get a totally Rs.510 as a refund amount from PAYTM.

Then I mailed PAYTM’s customer care about this concern, and they say that they have refunded me. In reality, they dint refund me as the amount is not reflected in my account. The customer care team asked my bank statement in PDF format and I have sent the same, but no amount was credited by them, and after seeing my statement they say that, please enquire your bank only, but we have refunded.

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I asked for a PDF copy of their payment to me from their bank, and they refused to give. That means they have not actually paid. Why there will be any delay at the banker’s end? That too it’s more than 1.5months that I’m waiting for the refund.


The response from PAYTM is not proper. I won’t step back from this till I receive a proper response from fraud in the PayTM account matter. When did they ask my bank statement then why they are not ready to show theirs? How can I believe them that they have credited my amount but in fact, it’s not credited as per my statement?

I need a proper reply from PAYTM’s end along with a refund of my amount. I need proof in PDF format their bank statement that they have initiated their payment to me.

Waiting for an early and proper reply.


Jhansi K.


sir, I am Jamil Ahmad ASI/GD from the Assam forest department.

My a/c no 11082249982
ATM no 6220180003200136343
Mob no 8002561729
Haker mob no 9507571614

Sir someone cheated me and stollen 34400 from paytm. so Sir I am requested from you to give the details of cheater and also the address of the cheater in which the product has been sending at what place from your side so pls help me and give whatever the biodata do you so I can catch him as soon as fast because I am in searching and sometimes his phone is on but we are not getting perfect address of the Chester. so I am requesting from all the paytm team to help me and we can catch this type of bankrupted people from our country.

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Protect Yourself from Any PayTM Fraud

There are various ways by which you can protect yourself from any PayTM-related scam or fraud.

  • It is requested not to believe in all the social networking sites, no matter how genuine or honest they present themselves. Also, never share your sensitive information, or transfer a fund without confirming a person’s identity.
  • Never share your personal or financial information to any identity, whether its a person or an organization, pretending to be a partner with PayTM.
  • Also, there are several fraud cases related to the fake KYC representatives visiting a PayTM customer and stealing the personal info. So, stay alert and verify the person’s real identity in such cases. It is recommended to update the information of your change in address, mobile number, contact numbers, or email ID, immediately in the PayTM account.

Have you ever lost your money in the PayTM app during or after availing of any service? If yes, then please do share your experience in the comments section down below and let everyone know about the same. This way, you can save anyone else from getting scammed. Also, what other ways do you suggest to keep your PayTM account secure and safe apart from the ones mentioned above? Do share your valuable thoughts.

For more such complaints on fraud in the PayTM account, stay tuned to ComplaintWires!


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