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Find Out Who Calls You from 551 258 8006 Phone Number?

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Find Out Who Calls You from 551 258 8006 Phone Number?

If you are getting unknown, random calls fro 551 258 8006 and want to find out who’s behind it, then you have arrived at the right place. Although “551” translates to the area code of New Jersey (Jersey City, Union City, or Bayonne), you must also know what people who actually received those calls have to say about this particular number.

Let’s have a look at all the comments below:

Recent Comments

I received a call on my cell about 3 hrs ago.  My husband said he also got a call from the same number on his cell. For the heck of it, I called the number but it was a recording that said was no longer in service. He then called it & it was a recording asking if he’d like to be removed from the list, to press 1. So I tried the number again & this time I got the same recording asking me to press 1 if I wanted to be removed!!!  Now I’m actually worried wondering if we somehow played into something by doing that
By Jace

They called twice in three hours, and I was able to catch it on the second call.

The line was silent for more than five seconds before a recording of a man claiming to be from “the warranty department” informing me that “This is the last time we’re calling to inform you of your last chance to renew…”

It’s a scam, and a lazy one at that if they are banking on the strength of a recorded message schtick. Everybody warns your grandparents.

By Riley

continue to call from different numbers, nonsense about vehicle warranty expires. Clearly a scam! also called from 972-528-7704 and 512-768-9068
By Mya

Latest Comments on 551 258 8006

Got a call from this number. They wouldn’t leave a message. Googled and saw it was a scam. Blocked it. This is the third scammer to call me and my family in the last month. One made my teenage daughter cry after he threatened to have her arrested if she didn’t give him a card number over the phone. Fortunately, she hung up. A special place in hell for these people.
By Hudson

Got a call from them today and over the past few days been getting calls from other outta state (I’m in Michigan) weird numbers. Every time I block one seems a new one starts calling. Damn spammers. So annoyinggggg.
By Ruby

I just got a call from this 551 258 8006 number. Let it go to email and there was a partial message left.  Could tell it was an auto msg as it started in the middle which means the auto msg started at the beginning my email message started.  The little bit of info I could make out said it was about the renewal of a warranty but didn’t state what the warranty was for.
By Natalia

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New Comments

I received an automated message stating my car warranty had expired and this would be my final notice. I then hung up because I have no such warranty! Scam!!!!
By Eric

I just stayed on the line and had a conversation with them, talked to them about life and what my favorite kind of donut was.
By Kayden

Got one today too, didn’t answer it and no message was left. looked it up and found it was a scam. I do not answer any calls that don’t start with 989, I don’t like that way of doing it as I might miss something that I would like to answer, but oh well.
By Jace

I have a little skit written out and told my co-workers and they loved it tell your daughter next time to say this or have her give you the phone and you say it here it: It’s done. Have hidden the body. Headed your way. Got you on GPS. You better have my money
By Angelina

Recent Comments

Got a call from this 551 258 8006 number tried to tell me it was the last call for my vehicle warranty before they would close the file. I told them to go ahead and close and they hung up. I am on the DNC list.
By Declan

Left no Voice mail, called my number and my husbands cell right afterward (only one digit difference) making me think it was an autodialer, have called several times now over several days, have not answered.
By Seth

I got two calls today from this number.
Answered the first one. As quiet as I answered the call was released.
The second call I did not answer and they left no VM.
This is the third time I got four calls today from three false numbers. And Simon the do not call list, or so I thought.
By Trevor

Whether you have received a call from this 551 258 8006 number or not, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from any such harassment or fraud over the call, you must stay tuned to ComplaintWires!

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