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Find Out Who Called You from 401-466-6085 (or 401 466 6058)

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Find Out Who Called You from 401-466-6085 (or 401 466 6058)

Have you been getting random, suspicious calls or text messages from 401 466 6058? You’re not alone. There are hundreds and thousands of customers tired of these unwanted spam or robocalls. Read on below to know the complete details of this phone number.

Description of this Number

  • It is a regular landline number and has been registered with a company called “CTC Communications
  • Location: As per the area code, it may be based in Block Island city, Rhode Island.


They called my cell too.  I didn’t know the number, so didn’t answer.  No message.  OMG, all these scam calls are out of control.  Use to be just the house phone .. nonstop.  Now it’s both!!!

By Patrick

I don’t know who these people are but when I answer my phone there is no one there and when you try to call the number back all you get is a busy signal.. when yo try to text this number it just sends it back to you. I am on a no-call list and I wish I could get these idiots to STOP calling me.
By Rebecca

Something must be done. Perhaps the Rhode Island Attorney General can get a court order to stop based on being a nuisance.

By Amy

They called my cell phone but I was busy and could not answer. I did not leave a message. I called back but there is a constant busy signal. Scam calls or telemarketers should not be called personal cell phones.
By Jonah

This one from Rhode Island that I see is for a car warranty. They called about noon yesterday, didn’t answer and left no message.  Also about 5 PM another call yesterday from Nebraska, 401 466 6058 that I searched here and that too is for a car warranty. I still have 2 more numbers to check, from Michigan and Ohio, all just yesterday.
By Laila

Shows up, VOIP caller. Had enough of all these SCAM calls. Getting out of hand. I never really got any until this month. I am being bombarded with them. All unknown names. Thank god for auto-reject. My list just keeps growing.

By Victor

Latest Comments

That number just rang, but thanks for the info, I’ll block the number, I never answer unknown numbers.

By Rylan

They called my landline on 5/12/2017 and CID displayed Block Island RI 401 466 6058 and of course, no VM was left. Since no VM was left, the call wasn’t important, to begin with. I don’t know anybody in Rhode Island.
By Jaxson

Received call. It was from Brock Island, IL (my call was from IL, not RI as others have been). I only answered because my girlfriend is in IL now. After I answered, there was nobody on the other end.

By Leonardo

A robocall SCAM selling car warranties – A search shows this number to be from Charlestown, Rhode Island. A landline using VERIZON NEW ENGLAND INC. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.
By Peter

Called cell. Selling car warranty I’m guessing because we just got tags on a new to us vehicle
By Melody

I have an app on my cell phone that blocks numbers 401 466 6058 that aren’t on my contacts list. It’s a lot better than getting all those darn scam calls.
By Miranda

If you have been receiving any such unwanted calls or text messages, be sure to report it to us. Please do share your call experience or if you have any new information on this number, you can drop it in the comments section below.

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