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Find Out Who Called You from 08007830111

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Find Out Who Called You from 08007830111

Do you want to find out who called you from 08007830111 this number? To know every detail of this phone number, have a look at the description and people’s reviews and comments below.


  • Name of the Company: Sky marketing
  • Type of Calls: Unknown
  • Assessment/Conclusion: Untrustworthy, repeated calls
  • Location: United Kingdom (free-call service)


Say they are sky asked for my sky account number and details offering cheap packages (if it was sky they would know) Scam I would say this is American sounding lady.

By Charles

Frequently getting calls from this number. Hangs up before answerphone kicks in so no message. I will not answer unless a message is left to tell me who they are.

By Lucy

Called four evenings this week, at least. I wish genuine callers would leave a message because now any unknown number is suspect and so I won’t answer the phone. Own goal by persistent offenders.

By Sebastian

I don’t know who the caller is as I don’t ever call from random numbers, I’ve been called four times in a day by this number within 4 days now, I’m blocking it. They call when I’m at work and sorry I’m not losing my career to cold calling companies thank you!

By Faith

Strong Indian accent, claiming to be from the sky with regards to upgrades on my sky package. I asked him if I would reduce my subscription down by 10% or more, he said it wouldn’t and then hung up.

By Ariana

Recent Comments

More uneducated tramps squawking “scam” showing how ignorant they are! this 08007830111 number is sky sales team. You answer the phone and they stop calling. you winos!

By Brody

3 calls in the last 3 days. The first 2 times I didn’t answer. Today I answered and an Irish sounding man who knew my name said it was about giving me a deal on Sky Q when I asked for details about Sky Q he was hesitant then said it is just what you need. When I said I wasn`t interested he hung up.

By Maria

Irish chap Called today saying he was from Sky. He was trying to sell Sky Q. I did say before you go any further I won’t be buying from cold callers. Don’t think he was from Sky as they (sky) should know how many boxes I have. I just said that I wasn’t interested!

By Juan

Claiming to be from sky tv and name was Thomas with a southern Irish accent. He was looking for me to upgrade the package. Until I told them I don’t have sky.

By Steven

Keeps calling and asking to speak to Mr/Mrs. Brown. Repeatedly told there is none of that name here. I asked for my address when I told them we were TPS registered. Needless to say, I did not give them any such information.

By Sean


08007830111, this is a nuisance number. Constantly phone. Leave no message. It needs to be reported as totally unacceptable to keep phoning when the person is not interested in answering.

By Miguel

This occurred at 11:31 am on Friday 30th June 2017. I was expecting a call from a friend so was somewhat delighted in not answering it. How to stop more calls coming?

By Asher

Latest Comments

They call every day but I keep missing it. I am 100% sure it is a call to tell me about an accident I (didn’t) have.

I will then give them some rubbish information whilst telling them that the line isn’t very good… the idea is to waste as much of their time as possible!! These people are scum!!

By Antonio

Claimed to be from Sky asking if I might be interested in an offer. Informed them I would seek them out if I required anything. As I can’t find this phone number using Google I’m inclined to believe it was Sky.
By Victor

I called today and asked for my partner. Claimed to be from Sky and said we can upgrade our sky tv package for £50 a month. The problem is he isn’t the bill payer for our sky. They also couldn’t provide my partner’s last name either. A bit strange I think.
By Leonardo

I got a phone call saying that they had been informed that I had an accident and that something to do with insurance I think if I was in an accident I would be the first to know didn’t check 08007830111 number but this one rings me two or three times every day don’t answer it as if was important they can text going to try and block it has been going on too long now getting fed up

By Vivian


Even if they are genuinely from SKY how do they expect someone to give their details, bank numbers, etc which will be needed even if it proceeds to be a sale of an Upgrade option? Beware of any unsolicited calls and block / complain if possible. I keep getting these calls and no one leaves a voicemail, they surely listen to my voice message, so they know they are getting through. shady and suspicious operators !!
By Wesley

you’ll find these calls are from a department that used to be known as ‘retention’. in other words you’ve at one point had sky, they want you back. strangely, the usual call accounts that owe lots and offer to pay off up to 100% of what you owe. if that is you, dig your heels in. you might get a really good deal.
By Jude

Latest Comments

SKY trying to get me to go back to them. Calls 2 or 3 times a day. Why would I want to go back to the sky and pay £65 a month when Netflix and the amazon fire stick together only come to around £15…… and the best bit NO ADVERTS. Sky have their cake and eat it by charging us a subscription and then having adverts on 50% of the time, the adverts are on for so long I’ve sometimes forgotten what I’m watching. Id quite happily pays for the sky with no adverts but can’t see it myself. Ps skys answer to this proposal….. record everything you want to watch and fast wind through the adverts, that wouldn’t be a pain would it….. lol

By Roman

Called back and recorded message claimed to be sky marketing department and said they may try calling again – spoke to 2 different sky advisors in different departments who both advised 08007830111 this phone number is not the sky.
By Mark

Fishy. Weird fake Irish accent and never entertained him. Don’t give them any information! hang up or wind them up the choice if yours.
By Oscar

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