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FileRepMalware Complaints Avast Means??

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Hi there, does anyone know what avast! means by “FileRepMalware“?

Hi Everyone, This side Lucky. I am getting it on my Macromedia Flash 8 application that I have used for about 2 years alert-free. First of all thanks to Macromedia Flash free services. But today, I tried opening and I get what is seen in the picture. (tried opening it four times) As you can see, I have scanned it from the Virus Chest and it gives “– no virus –“. I have tried restoring it and then scanning it but it just says “Scan completed, but some items could not be scanned”, I checked the scan details and about 40 files attempted to be scanned but they have “archived or password to be protected”.

Think this is safe?

I think it means the file have a low reputation score, upload and test suspicious file(s) to and test With 40+ malware scanners, post link to scan result here.

Definitely you can raise your complaint, if you are still in trouble to fix the issue. We work as helping the people to fix their issue via submitting their complaints and we also try to contact companies if possible. So, keep sharing your complaints.

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