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Drapino – Poor Quality Products from the Clothing Brand

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Poor Quality Clothes from Drapino

Read all the consumer complaints and reviews on Drapino. Most of the consumers have experienced poor or low-quality products when they order from the company’s website. Even, some of the customers didn’t receive the products they ordered. Furthermore, they think that their website or the whole company is a fraud.

The quality of the product, which I received is not all good. Also, it doesn’t even look like the one shown in the picture. I tried returning the product, but, as expected, there is no response from their side.

I also send an email to the company at info.[protected] and regularly calling them on the contact number +91 [protected]. Still, there is no response from the team. I want my money back and, if possible, want to return the product.

By Seema

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I have ordered a lehenga from Drapino for around Rs 2,400. But after receiving it and seeing the quality, I can surely say it does not even worth Rs 300. I tried calling them on the helpline numbers, but none of them was connecting. When I write them an email, there is no professional response, and they saying me to ship it. Unfortunately, I have to waste my money again.

When asking about my refund, they said, we are not going to credit your money. They’re literally cheating consumers from the platform, scamming them with showing beautiful pictures online.

By Sunitha

The same thing happened to me today. I got a different and very inferior quality suit for Rs 1,781, which doesn’t even look to be more than Rs 500. They should stop cheating with people, and someone must take strict action against them. Shame on you Drapino!

By Priya

Recent Comments

Hi. The same case happened with me. Drapino delivers a very poor quality product, for which I had paid Rs 2,016. When asking for an exchange, they say we have to ship it ourselves. Also, they said to deduct Rs 100 as shipping cost. And also they say the amount will be refunded to their own account instead of ours… It is a really disappointing experience. Their website is looting people, and it should be closed or shut down right away!!

By Dhruvi

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