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Dear Sir/Mam,

I have received a promotional SMS from Country Club India past week. Since then, I’m in touch with Pawan Shekhar with phone number 8860825415. They want to come with family to showcase a presentation of 2 hours for their resorts and for getting into membership. They also inform us that if you don’t like the offer, you can walk out with a free holiday voucher of 6 nights and 7 days, which has to be registered on We thankfully did not join the club; however, we did register the free voucher provided by them on the website.

The message shown on the website said: “The holiday has already been used/enter correct voucher code.” Since then, I have been trying to contact Country Club India to help me in this regard but they bluff me every time I call. They make excuse like We’ve already sent the voucher, give us alternate email id, power cut at our office, short circuit at our office etc. Please help me on this matter. Also, I would like to inform all the people to be safe and do not visit their website, as they are not doing any kind of promotional offer.

By Pranab.

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The same thing happened to us, we are from Kolkata. My wife also chose for this free promotional gift. After it showed us the long-term membership plan, I refused to pay the money immediately. Afterwards, they offered and gave us a voucher for and whatnot. It’s the same story… Seem like a fraud. No such real gift was provided by the company.

By  Arun

Hi, I also received a gift voucher from countryclubworld. I tried to reach out on the contact number not nobody picked up the call. It seems like a fraud on a bigger level. When you visit the website, it looks genuine but nice. But it’s just for making you feel real and have no feeling of scam. When I checked the validity of the voucher, it was also been expired… They are big-time cheaters.

By Amit, Delhi

Thank you.

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