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What is CCB/PPC? Its Showing in My Credit Report

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What is CCB/PPC in Credit Report

A lot of people, since quite a long, asking about what is CCB/PPC, that’s showing in their credit report. Well, say goodbye to all your worries as we’re here to explain every aspect of what does it mean and how less or more important it is for you. So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

What is CCB/PPC?

  • CCB/PPC is short for “Comenity Capital Bank/PayPal Credit”; notice the capital letters in bold.
  • This is a PayPal Credit service, which is managed and controlled by Comenity Capital Bank.
  • When you apply for a PayPal Credit account, it generates a hard enquiry on your credit report. This is represented as ‘CCB/PPC‘ in short form. Generally, this is for 6-month interest-free credit.
  • PayPal usually makes a few hard enquiries on your credit card, without authorization, which ultimately lowers your credit score.

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What does it mean when showing in your Credit Report?

  • If you are seeing CCB/PPC on your credit report, it means that you have applied for the PayPal Line of Credit service, which allows you 6 months of time to pay off all your purchases $99 or more.
  • Also, it could mean someone else has applied this line of credit service by your name. In this case, you should immediately inform the concerned organization as it could be an act of fraud.
  • You can contact PayPal on 1-866-528-3733 and consider filling an identity theft report.

Top Comments

I received an email today, which said a company named CCB/PPC pulled my credit. I have no idea about this transaction as I’ve never applied for any kind of credit. This is ridiculous, please help.

By Angela

Just noticed, there’s a hard enquiry on credit report from ccb/ppc. I owe eBay a little money, and I’m pretty sure PayPal tried to get it paid by their card. I don’t think it’s legal what they do that…

By George

I also noticed this hard inquiry on my credit report monitoring service. How do I ask PayPal to stop this? I don’t know why they did that, I never initiate any such things from my side. Thank you.

By Alice

Have you ever seen this on your credit report? Or if you have any new information on this issue, please leave your comments below in the comments section.

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