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Dear Sir,
I am Jeetu Kumar
Astrologer RK Bangali have been made me fool this is really one of the biggest fraud
Mujhe bhi Rk Bangali ne bewkuf banaya paisa Kharch ke baad phone hi nhi uthata h ye mera paisa 8000 Rs leliya par Kaam nhi Kiye ye mera paisa return Kare aaplog ise Chakkar me mat pariyon ye bewkuf banakar paisa kamata hai iskea ph no 8968393315 hai kabhi bgi inse madad ka ummid mat rakhiye he is a big fraud h


Consumers November 19, 2016
100% Guranteed Solution Free consult Call +91 8968393315
Service provides in: Australia, Canada, Newyork, England, london, Kuwait, south africa, usa, uk, India.
Pt. Rajesh Kumar Bangali baba ji is a very expert & world famous Five Times gold medalist Astrologer By Lot Of peoples respect. Get all solutions in your life as you desire. there is no Consultation Charges. Any problems in the life getsolutionas your desire. Get your love back Attract any Girl/Boy towards you with heart. Make your or your partner’s parents to love marriage Control the mind of husband/wife or a desired person Wealth and peace in Home Kundli and match making Dosh nivarana like Manglik Dosh, Kuja Dosh, Kaal Sarap Yoga etc.
He is 45 years old unmarried life status he will solve your love,marriage,Husband problem beacuse he has been done PHD in astroscience and aghore tantrik sidhi.Please call to Pt. R.k Bangali baba ji if you are in some problem In their work no any issue when called 1 time that is final.Pt. R.k Bangali baba ji never failed in his 30 years career.And thereis so many people they have miss used their knowledge. And I request to you if you are going to solve problam from any other person then please consult with me just once. I assure you satisfiedwith our services. ONE CALL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.We are provide astrology,Vasthu,Horoscope ect.Stay together at all costs even when we hate is not good: for this is not always the families together can be said to be better than those currencies. One of the first issues to be considered at the time of divorce, is that of the children, who suddenly find themselves losing a parent, with consequences on the psychological level is not always easy to solve. 100% Gurantee for Love problem,love marriage problem solution Bangali baba ji Expert in Astrology science working in this field last 20 years In Delhi,Mumbai.
15- PROPERTY Sale & Purchase
Email Id— m/

3 years agoConsumers November 19, 2016
He is a totally fraud astrolger, too lots of money, he previous use his name Rajesh Kumar Shastri, his phone number 8968393315
Rohit Kumar

2 years agoSAHIL KAMBLE October 13, 2017
He is Geuine astrologer please guys dont write wrong about Rk Bangali ji he is well known as famous astrologer i know him very well

2 years agoPam October 26, 2017
Kindly give me Ur phn number
I want to talk u

2 years agoMOHAN MATHUR October 13, 2017
Rk Bangali ji is a Geuine astrologer he solve my big problem that i am sharing here, I was a small time scrap seller with a family to support and I was not doing very well in my profession. Needless to say I could not afford to pay thousands to someone I knew from the internet. However, in 2011, I read about Bangali Ji in a classified ad and got in touch with him. He helped me selflessly and today I am a ship broker. I earn a comfortable livelihood and I have accepted Bangli Ji as my mentor and guru. He is really a great person with a genuine desire to help people live a good life.

2 years agoPam October 26, 2017
Kindly give me Ur phn number.
I want to do work from rk Bangalore

2 years agoSARITA JAIN October 13, 2017
I recomended to all of guys who think wrong about Rk Bangali ji he is not that person jeetu Kumar ji He solve problem ,I got married when I was 30 and for 9 years I did not conceive. I went to all sorts of fertility doctors, I have tried all sorts of Fakirs, Babas, gurus and then I stumble upon Rk Bangali Ji on the internet. Money is not a problem for me, I was desperate so I told him “ I can pay you whatever you want if you can help me conceive”. He replied to me saying he does not need a penny and it is against his principles to accept money for his work. He charged me money for the havan and pratikaars and I paid him that amount which is smaller than a fraction of what I had already spent. I consulted him in April 2012 and in January 2013 I had a baby boy. I flew down to Ludhiana and gifted him a chain of gold. I still think he deserves much more. God Bless this kind man.

2 years agoPam October 26, 2017
Can you give me Ur number I want to talk to you.
Kindly give me Ur number

2 years agoPam October 26, 2017
Can anyone tell that who are real Baba

9 months agoSAHIL MEHTA December 12, 2018

8 months agoRicha January 12, 2019

2 years agoLove marriage problem solution December 1, 2017
nice post in india

2 years agovimal mathur March 5, 2018
Pt Amar Nath ji is the real astrologer contact 07508377002

1 year agoRanjna Singh March 17, 2018
Fraud Baba Shabhu Nath http:// exloveback .net 7087272366
He is a fraud baba . Took 15000 Rs money for the sake of pooja to bring lover back in 3 hours. But after taking my money. He asked for 10k more. When I was not willing to pay he started threated me. That he will kill my lover etc. Please don’t believe this fake baba. He’s nothing for all. He cheat needy people. he operates with many names and even lday astrologer name as well.
His other website to cheat people is http:// ladyastrologer. in/
9876914198. Guy please please don’t go to such babas. Just believe in God. He’s creator of destiny not Fraud Baba like Shabhu nath

1 year agoManju March 17, 2018
I called this lady astrologer for solution but this is man. He uses voice changer phone. He is fraud. Took 7100 for my husband problem solution. But he did nothing and asking for more 2100. People beware he is a big cheater. He is not lady astrologer.
http:// ladyastrologer. in/
He demands money on name of dheeraj shastri. His other site is http:// exloveback. net 7087272366

1 year agoRAHUL JOSHI May 17, 2018
Rajesh Kumar Bangali (Rk Bangali ji) is the real and Genuine astrologer who helps to peoples in their problem, recently i have consulted with Rk Bangali ji for my love problem solution.according to his words to say me with in 11 days my love problem has been i want to tell guys here please don’t write wrong about pandit ji his mobile number is 8968393315

1 year agoSHANTIDEVI May 17, 2018
“I must offer sincere thanks to great astrologer Rajesh Kumar Bangali Ji for resolving my ruinous family problem miraculously! About just two years after my marriage, I had started facing some familial problems caused by my husband and in-laws. They all were trying to bring me under their strict control unfairly, disregarding and suppressing my honest and right desires and personal liberties. I had heard the name and fame of astrologer Rk Bangali Ji, so I decided to meet him and request for some solutions for my problem. After seeing my birth chart and palms, and pondering over my problem, he suggested me to wear a Hessonite Garnet and chant regularly the given mantra. These both had really made wonder! Just around 15 days after, my husband and in-laws were changing gradually to good and mild ones, and about six months later, they all had become sensible and supportive to my opinions and suggestions. I thankful to Rk Bangali Ji again, and wish him a great career and glorious life!” his contact detail is 08968393315

1 year agoPOOJA ANDOTRA May 17, 2018
Thanking you very much Bangali ji astrologer Rajesh Kumar Bangali Ji! You have really paved the way for restoring harmony and concord with my partner!! Since meeting you, the relationship with my partner has constantly been improving, and I hope that we are progressing fast towards total compatibility with each other. At last, I wish you an immensely successful and magnificent career!Bangali ji Contact Number +91 8968393315

1 year agoHARSH PATEL May 17, 2018
Grand astrologer Rk Bangali Ji is the man who saved my sinking business, deteriorating mental peace and health, and gloomy life about two years ago. Then, I was a frustrated owner of a losing and bleak business in exports, confronted with regular recessions and financial losses. I was compelled to mortgage even my house, to stabilize my business. Seeing no ray of hope, then I decided to avail business astrology services of world-famous astrologer of India, Rk Bangali Ji. To rehabilitate me and my business, he gave me two gemstones (namely, a Pearl and an Emerald) after analyzing my birth chart. Soon after receiving his services, my situation had started improving. Today, I am in a better position and status in business of exports from Gujarat, with immense peace of mind.

1 year agoAMIT MISHRA June 2, 2018
AStrologer Rajesh kumar bangali ji is the real astrologer he solve my big problem he is my God i never foget to him in my life he having number is 8968393315, Thanks Bangali sir

1 year agoHappy June 16, 2018
Rk Bangali ji really genuine person great knowledge i have done solution from bangali ji he is very honest and reliable astrologer Thanks Bangali ji

7 months agoAKASH MISHRA February 8, 2019
Guru Rk Bangali Ji is one of the best and genuine astrologer he solved my love problem i am very thankful to this Baba who gave me my love back.He has very super power to solve any problem that i know after getting my love back i recommend this kind of famous astrologer to everyone that everyone get their problem solution from Bangali Ji.Thanks Sir

2 months agoBaij Nath July 21, 2019
As per my previous experience and perception, Bengali Ji is one of the best astrologers in Mumbai. He is such a down to earth person with adequate knowledge in his profession. He is certainly not money minded. He is very polite and generous, he understands your question and answers them precisely. I would strongly recommend Rk Bengali Ji to be consulted for any astrology related queries. Thank you.

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