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Are You Getting Random Calls from 855 277 7117 (855-277-7117)?

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Are You Getting Random Calls from 855 277 7117 (855-277-7117)?


Have you been receiving random, suspicious calls from 855 277 7117 phone numbers? If yes, or you want to learn more about it, stick with us till the end and you will get all your answers, and queries related to the same. Let’s have a look at what people who actually received these calls have to say about their experiences:

Recent Comments

Fraudulent text scam claiming to be Bank of America and that my account is locked.  The text leaves this number to call back so they can get your account number and password.  The phone number that sent the text is 844-288-9628
By Briana

I received a text from 1855-601-6783 stating the Bank of America accounts locked. Urgent Call: 855 277 7117.  I called BoA instead of the number on the text, no such thing. Just another scam alert.  Make sure you call your bank or credit card company number instead of the number you’ve received.
By Manuel

Text to call this number: “Chase Client”. I do not have a Chase acct. blocking immediately.
By Stephen

I got the same message however I do have Chase account so-called and started to put in my atm card number but my good senses told me not to.  I hung up called my bank and they immediately deactivated my card and sent me a new
one, told me Chase would never send a text message and only talk to the number on the back of my card.

By Tessa

Latest Comments

I just received a text like the others regarding a chase account with client ID as my cell phone number. Never heard of a bank account ID as a cell number! Bogus. These people are getting more creative. This is the first “text scam” I have received. They must be tired of people not answering their calls or actually having to talk to people. BLOCKED.  I really hope that all their work has gone in vain and no one ever falls for these scams.
Also, I do not have an account with Chase.
By Elliott

I got the same message just now.    The call came from 855 531 0845 but to call 855 277 7117.  Total scam.
By Dakota

I received a text stating Account Locked from American Federal FCU. It’s spam since I have no account there and there was a bogus phone number attached: 215-515-5137.
By Frank

Received an email from 855-577-5344 as an SMS text to the email claiming they are Chase Bank and that my account has been frozen and should immediately call (855) 277-7117
Jokes on them. I don’t have a Chase Card HA!
Reported them to .gov as a fraud.
By Dallas

I got a text from this number saying it was Chase. Entered my card number to reactivate.  Then someone from the FAUX REAL PAINT COMPANY tried to put through several charges the next day.  Fortunately, Chase has a good fraud dept and all is well.
By Ryland

I received a text from this number saying the text is from Bank of America and my account is locked and to call the number urgently. I called BofA directly, and they sent no such text. SPAM.
By Porter

Recent Comments on 855 277 7117

I just got an URGENT text from this number saying my Bank of America card was locked.  I called an automated message telling me to activate a card that I never got. Press 1 or 2 to get out.  I thought it best to simply HANG UP.
By Noel

I just got a text message from 855-434-2425 saying my Bank of America account was locked, and to call 855-277-7117.
Since I don’t have a BofA account, I knew this was a scam. I hope others are not falling for this.
By Kristopher

Scam. I called the number back from Skype couldn’t get a live person no matter what I tried.

When I doubt call the number on the back of your cards or the main number for your banks. Pathetic scammers.

By Natasha

I just got a call from this number on my cell phone. I didn’t recognize it (or the area code), so I didn’t answer it. There was a recorded message left, wanting to know if I wanted to accept collect phone calls from this number. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Blocked.

By Finley

Have you also received calls from this number 855 277 7117? What was your experience, good or bad? Do share your thoughts below in the comments section to keep everyone safe and informed. And for more such updates, stay tuned to ComplaintWires!

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