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Are 318-225-9231 (or 318 225 9231) Scam Numbers? Find Out Here

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Are 318-225-9231 (or 318 225 9231) Scam Numbers? Find Out Here

Are you looking for information on 318 225 9231 (or 318-225-9231) numbers? You’re in the right place. We will provide every detail related to these numbers to help you decide whether they are scams. Also, by reviewing the comments and feedback from the various people, you can judge their authenticity.

Brief Description

  • Locations: Homer, Louisiana (Bossier City, Monroe, Shreveport)
  • Name of the Caller/Company: BLUE LICENCES HOLDING. LLC. 
  • Conclusion: Unknown/Unverified Call


They have called me three times now. I don’t know a soul in Louisiana. Has to be a bogus call of some sort. I wish they would just drop off the face of the map.

By Alan

When you call the number 318 225 9231 back, you get a busy signal – the kind you get when the phone lines are down.

By Lila

I believe this is another number a certain BS home security company is using. Since I bought my house >3yrs ago they have pestered the heck out of me.wondering if my dodgy realtor sold my #. Once when bored, I pretended I was interested, came up with lots of questions & kept them talking for over an hr, the person could not answer many of them & ended up transferring me to the manager/supervisor, whom went on to tell me I was full of sh&t & I was wasting his time then put the phone down on me. They did not call again for a full year…unfortunately they have started up again.
By Megan

got a call on my cell and didn’t recognize the number so it’s now on my block list. I never answer a call from anyone I don’t know, if they left a message, then I would know which route to take.
By Derek

Latest Comments

They called on Cell Phone; I answered, and it was about my car warranty.  I asked if I wanted to speak to a Warranty Person and I said “yes” – then they hung up!  Hopefully, it wasn’t about my saying “YES” & that was all they needed!  I tried calling them back and all I got was a busy signal.
By Aurora

I had two missed calls while out of the room.  I usually answer unknown calls “Sheriff’s office”  or “911 what is your emergency” and sometimes the usual “morgue”, I usually don’t get calls for a while.
By Silas

NEVER say yes! That is how they steal your identity and open credit cards in your name.  It happened to me, the caller fooled around like it was a bad connection and asked if I could hear them. When I said yes, it was all they needed. I discovered they had run a credit report on me and opened a credit card in my name but used and address I had not lived in 6 years in Louisiana.
By Hayden

Recent Comments

I started getting calls from this caller and I’m tired of it the keep calling back. I also blocked them.
By Kate

recorded message about final notice expiring extended warranty on the vehicle called back gets the busy signal that call can not be completed.
By Collin

They called the office but when answered just silence. Redialed the 318 225 9231 number and after a dozen times being busy, I got a recording that says, “If you’d like to be put on our do not call list press 9.” Caller ID says VOIP Caller
By Jaiden

Do you have any new information about 318 225 9231 this particular number? Please do share your experience with this caller in the comments below to spread awareness among other people and save them from harassment. For more such updates and complaints, stay tuned to

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