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8009452000 Oh No Fake Number

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8009452000 Oh No Fake Number

Some nut called me tonight and the phone said “No Name. No Number.” The guy, Rafael, proceeded to start yapping about how one of my credit cards wants to offer me a lower rate of interest.  I asked which card and he couldn’t tell me.  I asked what card number and he couldn’t tell me. I think this is a scam FOR SURE and I’ll tell you exactly why.

8009452000 NONE of my creditors have my home phone number.  All they have is my cell as the home one is used for business, not personal use.  I told him that at which point he was speechless.  Again, NO creditor has my home phone number and it’s actually in my dog’s name.  But scammers know how to get your real name.  I know that cuz’ I know how to do it myself.

THIS IS A SCAM!  I’ve no doubt.  I’ve already called my credit card companies and they told me the same.

if you call the number listed on the chase website, they will confirm that the 945.2000 number IS a valid chase number.

also, if you go to and do a search on “blink”, you’ll see that the website directs you to on you’ll see that the 9452000 number is listed.

From Bad Karma,

I received a call today (number on caller id was blocked) telling me i could lower my interest rate on my credit card…my last chance of course…i knew it was not a legitimate bank because i have never had a credit card.  I gave a fake name, asked if it was from the Federal Union bank (which i made up) and he said yes, i gave a fake account number and he said my info was all valid!  i then tried to get information.  “Michael” from “Account Services” in Orlando Florida told me his number was 1-800-945-2000 and his supervisor was named “David” but he couldn’t give me a last name. I called the number i was given and it was Chase bank.  It is clear these frauds are using a legitimate Chase bank number but that is not the number they are calling from! Everyone should know that a bank will never call and ask for personal information!

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