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402-935-7733 Charge Related

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402-935-7733 suspected charge

This turned out to be the water bill paid to my local township. I think this is usually a charge related to local government payments.
By Mr. Leuis (402-935-7733)

Asking money to send where, and debit amount $13.8
By Mr. Tank Frok

Receiving call from this number saying bank settlement call have been charge, amount of $12.73
By Hentry Mak

This is really very Dracula’s somebody called me and took money from account around $10-15 please resolved it.
By Lonk Herry

Very bad for showing suspected fraud due to bank settlement showing this number.
By Williamson Lank

This charge turned out to be the company used by my electric utility company for payment processing.
By Stephanie Darren

Many people come here wondering why there is a charge in their credit card from 4029357733. They usually don’t like to hear that this is probably a scam or not.
No problem, read all this and we will teach you how to stop this fraud and recover your money. 4029357733 credit card scams and many other are unusual when people buy online (and also offline) according to paypal also they will help you, in this case we’re not talking about hackers, it is the actual business who scammed you.

Having mystery 4029357733 charge?

Paypal 4029357733 was debited in our account or credit card and showing the number mentioned. The charge comes from the Paypal. There are a total some of amount people that have came here asking for 402-935-7733 or something similar.

More information about credit cards and bank statement frauds

  • Search the official PAYPAL.COM/Faq website also learn from their tutorials or directly contact them.
  • Also, check VISA or Mastercard sites to ask for help, or open a dispute on PayPal might be worth it.
  • Please comment in the comments section if this worked for you or if you know any other detail from the company.

Other data about Paypal 4029357733 Charge showing and mentioned number

This is why it’s showing in credit cards has also been found on United State of Ameria, Canada and United Kingdom.
Our combination score with Paypal says that it is a 85% charge due to it’s Paypal customer care number score for PayPal and Mastercard (other credit card providers like Revolut, N26, BBVA, Banco Santander, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Capital One says it is a 69% people contacting with that number.
402-935-7733 statement credit card notice was found Wednesday at 21 in 2014.


Finally this why the number 4029357733 showing on my bank or credit card statement due to when you or your friend making a purchase with PayPal, the charge may appear as “PayPal” along with the number 4029357733 on your bank or credit card statement as per the you may also contact back us. You may also see this phone number, which is a phone number associated with PayPal Customer Service the number mentioned on the account of paypal customer service, if the Merchant you are shopping with uses PayPal as their credit card processor. Check your account statement with your most recent PayPal history.

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